2012, One-channel video, floor Installation

The minimal video shows the name SIMOUN and the changing surface created by vanishing raining water. On the outside floor in front of the gallery, 15 selected names of the protagonists of anarchists from the 19th century were bored with a drill: f.e. Kropotkin, Bakunin or Malatesta. These acteurs have influenced the Filipino Novelist José Rizal (1861-1896), see also Benedikt Anderson's Under Three Flags, 2007. Imbedded in the central is the name SIMOUN. Compared to the other "real" names this one is a fictive name, the main character of José Rizals‘ second influential novel Il Filibusterismo about a attack against the spanish authority in the Philippines. This Novel was published 1891 in Belgium, 5 years before the real start of the Filipino Revolution and before José Rizal was executed by the Spanish regime.

This video was made during a residency supported by the Berlin Senate Cultural Affairs Department cooperation with Green Papaya Art Projects, and was shown during the exhibition On Surface, organized by Lian Ladia.

See also ON SURFACE details here.