2008, Installation, One-channel video, 11:24 min.,
8 Boxes, 2 framed letters, 1 illustration

Excerpt from Katharina Garrelt's commentary :
In the video exhibited here the artist is dealing with the yearly competition Model OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) Family of the Year Award, that is initiated by the Filipino Organization OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) and sponsored by global corporations. (...)
Here it is where The Model Family Award comes into play: as this kind of work migration and the existing global power relations are to be kept in place due to economic reasons, this troublesome sociopolitical situation must officially be declared as something positive. Omnipresent in the media, the competition recognizes the hard working Filipinos and their families who are ready to sacrifice. On the other hand it serves as effective and profit-orientated advertising campaign. Successful family relations with a return to traditional and entrepreneurial development are being honored.

Watch video here.

Video projection on Boxes, Exhibition view, Galerie Metro, Berlin, 2008

Money-double belonging cycle by Philippe Mairesse_2008/2009 © Philippe Mairesse / Acces Local. This drawing describes the understanding of the money-belonging cycle after qualitative studies completed in 2007 for Western Union.

Exhibition view, Galerie Metro, Berlin, 2008

Video still out of The Model Family Award

Video still out of The Model Family Award